Peirce College's Self-Study

Middle States accreditation is an expression of confidence in an institution’s mission and goals, its performance, and its resources. An institution is accredited when the educational community has verified that its goals are achieved through self-regulation and peer review. The extent to which each educational institution accepts and fulfills the responsibilities inherent in the process of accreditation is a measure of its commitment to striving for and achieving excellence in its endeavors.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation Standards and Requirements of Affiliation are comprised of seven standards and fifteen requirements, which serve as an ongoing guide for those institutions considering application for membership, those accepted as candidate institutions, and those accredited institutions engaged in self-review and peer evaluation. Accredited institutions are expected to demonstrate compliance with these standards and requirements, to conduct their activities in a manner consistent with the standards and requirements, and to engage in ongoing processes of self-review and improvement.

Accredited institutions must complete a rigorous self-study every eight years to formally ascertain whether they still meet these standards and requirements. Peirce College's accreditation is due to be renewed in 2022, following a successful self-study.

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