What is the Study.com?

Study.com was one of the first organizations outside of colleges and universities to recognize that adult learners were looking for something different when finishing their degree.

Study.com partners with institutions to offer alternate options for students to earn credits in an affordable and flexible format. Following the completion of online, video-based lessons, quizzes, and a proctored exam, students will earn credit for an academically accredited course. These credits will transfer directly to your degree at Peirce College and save you significant time and money.

All courses through Study.com have been reviewed by ACE and NCCRS, which allows them to maintain academic quality and rigor in order to partner with Peirce College to encourage students to complete their degree.

When students are looking for a way to shorten their journey of education completion, Study.com is a great match for those students. Through this partnership, students can get their degree achieved at a reduced cost in a timeline that meets their needs.

Learn more about how Study.com works with your Peirce College degree.

Learn how this partnership can benefit employers and employees.

Learn how you can finish your degree for as low as $11,000 with the help of Study.com.

Learn how Community College Students and Graduates can finish their bachelor’s for even less.

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