Welcome Back to Peirce College - We've Missed You!

You’ve always known that family and work are two of the top priorities in your life. But now you have another one: returning to Peirce to complete the degree you started with us. Yes, you can still complete your education, and we’re here to show you how. The Peirce College Readmit Team will provide you with everything you’ll need as a returning student, so you’ll have a stress-free reenrollment.

Are You a Readmit Student?

Former Peirce students who have been inactive for a full calendar year or more are considered “readmit students.” If you’re ready to come back, then the only thing you need to do is apply below for consideration to return. Once you complete your application you will be assigned to our Readmit Academic Coach, who will help you get back into the classroom.

Students who are reapplying must meet all current Peirce academic, financial and code-of-conduct requirements. Readmit students will be subject to return on the most current degree program and College policies. Readmit student applications are reviewed by the Admissions Department, Student Financial Services and Academic Operations.

If you were previously dismissed due to a poor academic history, you will need to write a Letter of Appeal and complete an Educational Development Plan (EDP) prior to being readmitted. Students who need to complete a Letter of Appeal will be notified upon review of their grade history.

Have Questions About Your Return to College?

When you speak with your Readmit Academic Coach, you’ll be able to get the assistance you need to make your return simple. Peirce College helps students return to school to complete their degrees every day, and now we want to help you. We’re ready to answer any questions you might have about:

  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Financial Options
  • Class Selection
  • Textbook Ordering
  • Student Portal Navigation
  • And more!

Can’t Wait to Come Back?

To apply for readmission, please submit an online readmit application form.

Questions? Please call Christa Donato at cdonato@peirce.edu or 215.670.9492 to get started on the re-enrollment process for returning students. For questions pertaining to financing your returning to Peirce, please contact Student Financial Services (SFS) today at 215.670.9600.

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