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What Are College Placement Exams and Who Takes Them?

College placement exams for undergraduate students are used by Peirce College to assess the math and English skills of admitted students and to place them in the appropriate level courses. Students who apply to Peirce without transfer credit (or a grade of C or below) in English 101 and/or college-level math are required to take these placement exams. A link to take the English placement test will be provided to you by your Enrollment representative and graded by Peirce faculty. The math placement test (called ACCUPLACER) is a proctored exam and is taken virtually.  Special accommodations are available for students with disability.

If you have taken the SAT or ACT standardized tests, you should speak to an Enrollment Specialist about possibly using those scores instead of taking our college placement exams.

How Do I Prepare?

The math placement exam covers arithmetic and beginning algebra topics. The English exam consists of writing an essay.

ACCUPLACER study material: Arithmetic and Writeplacer (English)

What Happens After I Take the Placement Exams?

After your college placement exams have been scored, you’ll be guided by your Undergraduate Enrollment Specialist to select your courses. Students who score below the cut-off for college-level courses are required to take English 010 and/or Math 010 (these are semester-length remedial courses). Retesting is permitted after 14 days from the date you took the test. If you qualify to retest, your Undergraduate Enrollment Specialist will guide you through the process as applicable (retesting is an option, not mandatory).

English Placement Levels and Courses:

9 or abovePlacement into ENG101-English Composition
6-8.5Placement into ENG010-Introduction to College Reading and Composition
Below 5.5Students will be referred to Enrollment Specialist for academic options.

Math Placement Levels and Courses:

250 or higherPlacement into college level mathematics.
249 and belowPlacement into MAT010-Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra

Students who readmit to the College without transfer credit or who have not successfully completed English 101 and/or college-level math must adhere to this policy.

ENG 010 and MAT 010 do not count toward any degree program. ENG 010 and/or MAT 010 serve as required prerequisite courses.

Information for Students with Disabilities

In our commitment to ensuring that no otherwise qualified student with a disability is subjected to unlawful discrimination in the context of his/her educational experience, Peirce College makes certain that students with disabilities are provided equal access to educational and career development programs and/or student activities. Consequently, the College will make, on behalf of qualified students with learning and physical disabilities of which the College is aware, reasonable accommodations that do not impose undue hardships on the College.

If a student believes he/she requires a reasonable accommodation or has a question regarding educational services, activities, programs or facilities that are accessible to or usable by students with disabilities, please contact the Facilitator, Perkins Grant & Student Disability Services Coordinator in the Mary W. Walker '33 Center for Academic Excellence, 2nd Floor Alumni Hall (215-670-9251). All information associated with a disclosure of this nature is confidential, and the College will communicate this information to others only on a need-to-know basis.

Have More Questions About Our College Placement Exams?

If you have more questions regarding placement exams, contact the Enrollment Office at 1.888.467.3472, ext. 9214 or email

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