Transfer Your Credits or Test Out

If you have existing college credits and/or knowledge and skills that give you a leg up in your studies, then Peirce College will help you earn your degree faster. As the Philadelphia college for working adults, Peirce believes that going to college should accelerate your pursuit of your goals – not restart it. That’s why we make it easy for transfer students to apply existing credits toward completing their degrees whether you’ve completed only a handful of classes or are already well on your way to a bachelor’s degree.

Transferring isn’t the only way to quickly move closer to a Peirce College degree, either. We have many ways for you to earn credits for the things you already know: CLEP, AP exams, IT certifications, etc. At Peirce, you can even get credits for your work experience.

Transfer Credits

Because so many of our students are working adults, many of them are also transfer students. If you’ve earned applicable credits from other accredited institutions, then Peirce wants to help you shorten your time to college graduation.

Dual Admissions Scholarship

Some of our Articulation partner schools are also Dual Admissions partner schools. What does that mean for you? It means saving even more money on your bachelor's degree tuition. See if you qualify for this scholarship.

Credit by Examination

Test out credits are credits that you’re able to earn by taking tests to prove your proficiency in a subject after you’ve enrolled as a Peirce student. Click the link above to see the list of eligible classes.

Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced learners who’ve passed AP exams have already demonstrated their mastery over the subject for which they were tested. If you’ve completed AP exams, then you may be able to turn your exam scores into college credits.

IT Certifications

The IT world is one of today’s fastest-moving industries, and so many IT professionals stay relevant to current technologies by passing certifications. If you hold relevant certifications, don’t let them go to waste – turn them into credits at Peirce!

College Level Examination Program

Have you already learned knowledge and mastered skills that are relevant to the degree you want to earn? Great! The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is designed to help you gain credit by proving your subject mastery.

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