Transfer Credits From Other Colleges

Peirce College specializes in serving students with transfer credits from other institutions and nontraditional sources. To transfer credit to Peirce, you simply submit your official transcripts from your previous schools as part of the admissions process. Transfer credits approved will be applied directly to your degree at Peirce once you enroll.  

In addition to college courses, you can also earn transfer credit through:

How Much Transfer Credit Does Peirce Accept?

You can apply up to 30 transfer credits to our associate degree programs. 

You can apply up to 90 transfer credits to most of our bachelor's degree programs.

You can apply up to 102 transfer credits to our degree completion bachelor's programs.

Our admissions team can provide you with a free evaluation of your transfer credits. 

Non-matriculated undergraduate students are allowed to take up to 15 credits while waiting for official transcripts and other documents to be evaluated. Students will be notified about final acceptance into a matriculated program after Peirce has reviewed their official documents. You can view the College's official Transfer Credit Policy here.

To understand how Peirce College transfers college credits, please review all of our information below. Our goal is to make it easy for you to transfer college credits and maximize your previously earned credits, which will ultimately bring the cost down. Peirce College, in its sole discretion, may permit the transfer of college credits using the following criteria:

Accredited Institutions

The institution where credits were earned holds regional and/or association accreditation.

Peirce College reserves the right to consider transfer credits from non-accredited institutions for courses that are consistent with Peirce College academic standards.

Applicable Courses

The college credits earned were from courses that are applicable to the student's academic program at Peirce and are equivalent to courses that Peirce offers.


Undergraduate students must have received a grade of C or better for the credits earned. Graduate students must have received a grade of B or better for the credits earned.

Credits Earned

The course must have been equivalent to at least three Peirce College credits. When converting quarter hour credits to semester credits, the earned quarter hours will be multiplied by 2/3 to determine semester credits. Each Peirce College three-credit course requires 42 contact or clock hours.

For undergraduate students, specialized courses that are time sensitive due to technology changes, e.g. computer courses, can be considered for transfer credit. All technology and health information management courses will be reviewed by the Faculty Chair, Information Technology and the Faculty Chair, Health Programs to determine if credit will be granted. Subject to the above criteria, general education and business/legal courses may be transferable regardless of age.

For graduate students, the course(s) transferred must have been taken within 5 (five) years of the date of matriculation into the Peirce College graduate program.

Courses that do not meet the above criteria may be accepted at the sole discretion of the College provided the student wishing to transfer can prove proficiency in the course through credit by examination.

Have questions about transferring your college credits? Contact an Admissions Representativeat 1.888.467.3472, ext. 9000. Prospective graduate students may contact the Graduate Studies Office at 215.670.9325 or

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