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Hear from Rashean Ramsue '22, '23, Alumni Association President

Graduates of Peirce College are automatically made members of the Peirce College Alumni Association.

The Board of Directors is the Alumni Association's governing body and works with the College's administration to develop the relationship alumni have with one another and with the College. The Board meets quarterly and is led by:

  • Rashean Ramsue '22, '23, President
  • Brian Gombert '17, Vice President 
  • Linda Sago '09, '11, Secretary

Elections are held annually in the spring.

To learn how to get more involved with the Alumni Association, contact us at

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A Letter from the President:

Rashean Ramsue

Hello Peirce Family!

My name is Rashean Ramsue and I have the honor of serving as President of the Peirce College Alumni Association. I obtained a B.S. in Business Administration (’22) and an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Management (’23) from Peirce College. Similar to other Peirce alumni members, attending school while managing other adult responsibilities was sometimes challenging. However, the human touch of the faculty and administrators, coupled with the asynchronous model that Peirce offers helped me to cross the finish line – twice! So, when the opportunity to further support the Peirce family was offered, I responded with a resounding “yes”!

As President of the Alumni Association, I am devoted to supporting the vision and mission of Peirce College. During my tenure as President, my overarching goal is to partner with the College to create spaces that encourage student and alumni engagement. Where alumni members can share best practices and lessons learned to support the academic and professional journey of future and current  alums. I plan to continue to work closely with the Alumni Board and the College to create innovative pathways that keep the Peirce family connected. The Alumni Association is here to cheer you on and support your academic and professional journey, regardless of the phase that you are in.

The executive team, Brian Gombert (Vice President), Linda Sago (Executive Secretary) and I, as well as a diverse and energized team of board members are committed to executing the goals of the Alumni Association, in partnership with Peirce College. However, we cannot achieve these goals without your voice, your wisdom, or your support. I invite and encourage you to join us on this important journey!

To support Peirce College in its ongoing mission to empower adult learners, I ask that you stay engaged, connected, and invested. There are a multitude of opportunities available for you to support Peirce so that they can continue to deliver a best-in-class  educational experience for generations to come. You can volunteer your time, share your industry experience, contribute to the Peirce College Alumni Scholarship fund and/or choose to donate to one of the other aid or scholarship options. Each donation is greatly appreciated and ultimately supports the betterment of Peirce College, the students, and alumni. There is no amount that is too small or
too large! You can make a gift to Peirce and explore available scholarship/aid funds on the online form.

Thank you in advance for your support. The Alumni Association is counting on your resounding “yes”!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly or connect with me via LinkedIn if you are interested in getting involved or have ideas that you would like to share.


Rashean M. Ramsue '22, '23

    The Peirce College Alumni Association Keeps Its Members Connected

    • Admissions programs involve alumni in identifying and recruiting potential students, sharing information about and communicating enthusiasm for their Peirce experience within the communities where they live and work.
    • Career Development Services assists alumni and current students with career guidance, networking, mentorship and accessing work opportunities.
    • Outreach opportunities take advantage of print, electronic and social media to give Peirce alumni the information they need to be better connected to their fellow alumni and to the College.
    • Chapters will promote connections among alumni through the lens of the academic program in which they participated, professional area in which they work,
    • Awards will be presented by the Alumni Association to individuals whose service to the College and community reflect the very best qualities gained through their Peirce education.
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