Associate in Information Technology

The Associate in Science in Information Technology degree provides students with a foundation of general education and modern information technology that instills a broad spectrum of fundamental technology and skills.

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What You Can Expect  

  • Apply up to 30 transfer credits
  • Embed an employer-recognized certification into your program, including Google IT Support Professional Certification which awards up to 12 credits to the degree and can save you more than $7,000 in tuition 
  • Credit awarded for select IT and project management certifications
  • Offered completely online 
  • Weekly, optional, live, virtual sessions with your professors
  • Fits seamlessly into BS in Information Technology and BS in Technology Management 

What You Will Learn

  • Applications software
  • Networking and network security
  • Database management systems
  • Computer programming
  • Server administration

The program prepares graduates for continuing their education and baccalaureate level as all credits apply directly to the bachelor’s in Information Technology at Peirce.

Program at a Glance:




100% online

Transfer Credits:

Up to 30 transfer credits can be applied to this degree


$600 per credit

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*Tuition is based on current Peirce College tuition and does not include fees or books.

Emergency Student Aid

Emergency Student Aid grants are available for Peirce students. Grants can be used to pay off balances, cover tuition, buy books, and for all costs of attendance, including food, rent, childcare, and transportation. Learn more.

Curriculum for the AS in Information Technology

PRCPRC 100 or PRC 101*1
BIS 111Application Software Fundamentals3
COM 112Speech Communication3
ENG 101English Composition3
ENG 103Rhetoric and Research3
HUM 102Introduction to Ethics3
MAT 101Introduction to College Mathematics3
SCIScience Core (choose 1)3
SOC SCISocial Science Core (choose 1)3
GEN EDGeneral Education Course (choose 1)3
BIS 112Programming Concepts3
BIS 201HTML and the World Wide Web3
BIS 235Database Management Systems3
ITN 120PC Fundamentals3
ITN 130Networking Fundamentals3
ITN 144Introduction to Network Security3
ITN 201Cloud Computing Foundations3
ITN 220Help Desk and Customer Support Concepts3
MIS 110Usability Principles and Design3
MIS 205Ethical Management of Information Technology3
ELEElective Course (choose 1)


*Students who place into developmental education courses and/or who have fewer than 15 transfer credits are required to enroll in PRC 100: Student Success Seminar.

Course Descriptions and Information

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