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If you're thinking about pursuing an IT degree, then you already know that technology is constantly evolving, which means employer demands are also in a permanent state of flux. That means you need to maintain up-to-the-moment skills and an ongoing passion for IT to differentiate yourself and head down the best possible career path. To do that, you also need a degree – one with a comprehensive program that will round out any skills and knowledge you already possess with advanced ones that are directly applicable to high-demand information technology jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology jobs are expected to grow by 11 percent through 2029, and the median salary for IT jobs is $88,000. 

At Peirce, you can also embed employer-recognized IT and project management certifications into your program, which many employers require, and earn credit for select IT certifications you may already have.

Our comprehensive Information Technology and Technology Management programs that help you prepare to meet these opportunities and develop practical, hands-on skills. As an Information Technology student, you’ll study hardware, software, networking as well as the business "soft skills," like communication and teamwork, that employers look for in anyone they hire.

And because the world of IT is vast and varied, Peirce gives you two different concentration options (Networking, Administration and Information Security or Programming and Application Development) so you can specialize in the area you're most passionate about.

Networking, Administration and Information Security

In the Networking, Administration and Information Security concentration, all students learn the foundations of modern information technology. Students get a broad spectrum of fundamental technology knowledge and skills and learn applications software, networking and network security, database management systems. In this bachelor's level concentration, our faculty teaches students how to design and maintain secure networks. Your courses will include Networking Fundamentals, Sever Administration, Network Routing and Switching, Network Security and Defense and Linux Administration.

Programming and Application Development

Bachelor's students in our Programming and Application Development concentration are equipped to determine the customer’s needs and design and implement a systems-based solution. Students learn common programming languages and how to develop applications for business solutions. They also study higher-level application development in the .NET environment involving courses in ASP, SQL, XML and the component object model for application development. Students will also explore tools used in systems analysis such as Microsoft Project and Visio.

Online IT Degrees

Peirce makes it easy for adults, like you, to finish their Information Technology degree online.

Technology won't wait, so why should you? Start earning your degree today.

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