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The full-time faculty members of Peirce College's on-campus and online Paralegal Degree and Paralegal Certificate programs provide students with the foundation and academic credential base necessary for moving into rewarding legal careers as paralegal professionals.

In our associate degree program, our professors approach the study of law from a theoretical, conceptual and practical perspective. That means Peirce College Paralegal Studies graduates leave us prepared for the demands of the paralegal profession.

Thanks to a curriculum that focuses on a full range of legal specialty practice areas and a broad scope of general education perspectives, our Paralegal program imparts in students the critical thinking, analytical processing and legal skill sets necessary to succeed as paralegals. In collaboration with legal practitioners, employers and professional associations, the faculty continues working toward the ultimate goal of reassessing and improving the program to match the legal industry needs of today and tomorrow.

Our faculty is also proud to provide students with the only ABA-approved paralegal bachelor's degree in Philadelphia. Bachelor's degree students will receive advanced legal lessons from our faculty on topics such as legal technology, family law, real estate law, business organizations, estate law, legal writing, legal research, criminal law and employment law. For your final capstone project, your professor will take you through a classroom simulation of what it's like to work in a real law office, giving you hands-on experience with a multitude of practical activities related to actual job responsibilities of civil practice, non-litigation paralegals.

The faculty will also formally introduce degree graduates to the professional paralegal certification/regulation process, and you can even earn your Paralegal Certificate at Peirce.

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