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Flexible, Partially Online Paralegal Certificate

If you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree and are looking to transition into a legal career, choose Peirce’s Certificate of Proficiency in Paralegal Studies. Peirce’s intensive, one-year paralegal certificate program will jump-start your legal career. Our American Bar Association-approved program is designed to give you a practical legal foundation and the skills needed for a successful career 

Peirce’s paralegal certificate program is made up of 10 specialty courses that can be completed in one academic year. Plus, most of the Paralegal Certificate courses are available online, on campus or a combination of both to fit with your busy schedule. Students take four foundational classes on campus, and the rest of the courses in the program are offered in the Peirce Fit® format, so you can choose online or on campus, or a mix of both! Graduates of our partially online Paralegal Certificate program are prepared to work as a paralegal or continue on to law school. and work  toward earning an advanced degree.

Peirce gives you flexible degree options. We also offer associate and bachelor’s degree programs in Paralegal Studies.

Ready to advance your legal career? Learn more about why Peirce's Paralegal Studies Certificate might be the right program to help you do it; apply today to take your first step toward a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Curriculum for Our ABA-Approved Paralegal Program

Paralegal Certificate Curriculum - Minimum Total Credits: 31

PRC 101Peirce College Orientation1
LGL 100Introduction to the Paralegal Profession3
LGL 102Legal Research3
LGL 113Legal Writing3
LGL 117Civil Litigation3
LGL 201Contract Law3
LGL 206Tort Law3
LGL 207Criminal Law3
LGL 215Professional Legal Responsibility3
LGL 219Legal Technology3
LGL 220 or CWE 116Paralegal Capstone I or Cooperative Work Experience3

Careers for Paralegal Studies Certificate Holders

Our on-campus and online Paralegal Studies certificate programs prepare you for a career in law firms, corporate offices, with the government, or in many other industries. In the Philadelphia region, graduates of the Paralegal Studies programs have careers with law firms; government and administrative agencies; and with major businesses, hospitals and colleges and universities.

Graduates of the Paralegal Studies Certificate program can continue their education at law school or go on to a master’s degree program in legal studies, business law, criminal justice or other areas of study. For more information about potential paralegal careers for Peirce graduates, visit our Legal Careers page.

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Our Paralegal Studies Programs provide a foundation that opens the door to a variety of opportunities. So many life factors are impacted by our legal process. Our students understand and can navigate that process, increasing their options in terms of charting a professional career path.

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