Carl Stein

Carl Stein

Carl Stein

Class of 2013 Certificate of Proficiency in Paralegal Studies

Carl Stein took the traditional route and went to college immediately following high school. He earned his bachelor’s degree in History and hit the workforce running. Unfortunately, after two years, he was laid off. This turn of events inspired Carl to head back to school to find a certificate that would pair well with his current degree, his goals and employers’ needs. That is when he found Peirce, “Peirce has a long history of career-focused degrees, and with it also being an ABA-approved school, it seemed like the best fit.”

Carl first noticed Peirce College from their advertisements around the city on buses, bus stops, etc. He knew very little about the school aside from the fact that it was the only ABA-approved school in the area for Paralegal Studies bachelor’s degrees. He did his research, went on campus for an interview and discovered the Paralegal Certificate Program.

During his time at Peirce, Carl was able to find his passion with law and get the preparation required to enter a career as a Paralegal. “You can’t really learn the specifics of every situation, so you really need to understand the legal system, know how to find information, and be able to analyze that information. Peirce College gave me the ability to do that,” he says.

“ It can be as easy as you make it ”

He also formed many relationships that inspired him every day, “The teachers at the school were knowledgeable, personable and highly qualified to be teaching the important paralegal-foundation-courses. Carol Sherman was such a memorable professor!”

Finding a Better Career Path

Since graduating with his Paralegal Certificate in the summer of 2013, Carl has had many opportunities available to him, which has allowed him to find his ideal career path. Today, Carl works at Goldberg Segalla, LLP as a Paralegal, focusing on Automobile Defense.

To everyone thinking about going back to school, here’s Carl’s advice: “It doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be as easy as you make it. If you apply yourself fully, you can complete the required classes as quickly as possible and get up and running with your new career. Don't wait! Be enthusiastic. Want to learn.”

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