Nephetina Serrano

Nephetina Serrano

Nephetina Serrano

Class of 2014 Associate in Science in Business Administration

Many have asked me why, with all that I have going on, do I commute nearly two hours from my home in Delaware to attend class (especially when Peirce offers complete degrees online)? The truth? I do it for the experience.

Finishing What I Started

After recognizing that I needed to go back to school, I earned my GED and enrolled at a community college, but I wanted a more personal approach to my education. I visited the Graduate! Philadelphia office, learned about Peirce College, and the rest was history. I started my associate degree in May of 2008, determined to not become a dropout statistic. I had to think of a better future for myself then, and now Im planning a better future for my family.

I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a mentor, a volunteer, and a Peirce College student. It is so gratifying to add student to the list again, as finishing my education has always been a dream of mine. I returned to Peirce in 2010 to complete my degree in Business Administration after being away for almost five years.

“Education has given me more confidence in my own abilities and in who I am as a person.”

For me, the decision to return to school was about so much more than just finishing what I started. I am a firm believer that a college education not only opens the door for career expansion but also for personal growth and fulfillment, both equally important aspects of a full life. Being able to advance my career and ultimately ensure a better future for my family is a strong motivating factor, but I recognize now how much education contributes to my self confidence and self-worth. Education has given me more confidence in my own abilities and in who I am as a person. This has positively impacted my professional confidence level. During interviews I find I'm calm and more sure of myself.

The importance of role models, positive influences, and a support system has been instilled in me from a young age, as I grew up in a close-knit family environment. My parents played an instrumental part in my success at school, and imparted on me a lifelong commitment to education. Today, I still find inspiration in my own mother who returned to school in recent years, earning her associate degree, her bachelors degree, and completing her master's!

I credit my wonderful support system, including family, friends, church, and my biggest supporter, my husband Richard, for giving me the confidence and drive to complete my degree.

Believe me -- its not too late to fulfill your educational dreams.

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