Transfer from Community College

Peirce welcomes community college transfer students from all over the country (and world). No matter where you earned your associate degree, you'll have an easy time transferring your credits here and getting started on your bachelor's degree.

But if you graduated from one of our community college Articulation or Dual Admit partner schools, then you have an even bigger reason to choose Peirce: you'll save more money! Click the links below to see if your school is partnered with Peirce and if you qualify for a Dual Admit and/or Articulation scholarship.

Community College Partners and Scholarships

Articulation Transfer Scholarship

If you're a community college student getting ready to finish your associate degree at one of our partner programs, you could qualify for thousands in scholarship money. Complete your education with a bachelor's degree and save money!

Dual Admissions Scholarship

Some of our Articulation partner schools are also Dual Admissions partner schools. What does that mean for you? It means saving even more money on your bachelor's degree tuition. See if you qualify for this scholarship.

Articulation Partners

We want to make your transition to your bachelor's degree program as seamless as possible. Partner schools have generous transfer policies with Peirce that save you time and money.

Montgomery County Community College 3+1 Pathway Program

Peirce partnership with MCCC allows you to save money by completing additional courses at the community college and then transfering them to Peirce.

Degree Completion Programs

Organizational Leadership & Management

Complete your business degree with our Organizational Leadership & Management program. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to further your career and develop as a leader.

Technology Management

Complete your degree with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management. You’ll learn how to support business processes by integrating technology into the workplace.

Transfer Your Community College Credits to Peirce and Earn Your Bachelor's

You were smart. You wanted to get your degree, but you didn't want to break the bank doing it. So, you earned your associate degree at community college, but you don't want to stop there. Thanks to Peirce College's generous community college transfer policies and a private tuition rate that's one of the lowest in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, you don't have to.

Each year, about 36 percent of new Peirce College students are transfers from a community college. Why do so many community college transfer students choose Peirce? Because we don't just want you to walk in the door – we want you to walk out with a bachelor's degree a few years later. Our staff and faculty really do care about your education and will support you every step of the way. Whether you need help maximizing your transfer credits, navigating your financial aid options, planning your degree or getting help with your coursework, we'll be there for you.

If you have your associate degree, you'll be able to transfer into any of our 13 bachelor's degree programs and make the most out of the college credits you've already earned. But if you're looking for something designed specifically for transfer students, then one of our three degree completion programs may be right for you.

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