Standing Still is Not an Option

Today, learners and employers are demanding shorter, flexible educational programs that build capacity and expand skills.

Programs that allow adults and other learners to acquire new job skills, competencies and credentials through shorter, flexible programs that work around the needs of learners and employers are critical to post-COVID recovery and promoting equity in the region.

In Philadelphia and around the country, existing disparities continue to distress diverse communities and the ongoing displacement of workers in low-wage occupations compounds unemployment.

The Center for Workforce Innovation stands at the nexus of higher education and sustainable careers to provide the customized solutions we need today.

Why Peirce?

Peirce College is the only post-secondary institution in Pennsylvania dedicated exclusively to serving adults.  For more than 150 years, we have been an innovator in higher education, creating programs for underserved students as well as employers and the military. In 1865, Peirce was founded to train veterans returning from the Civil War for careers in business. Today, more than 80% of our students receive financial aid and approximately 60% are eligible for Pell Grants. In addition, 70% of our students are women of color, and many are single mothers.  In response to the growing needs of working adults, we are expanding our services to connect with the immediate and future employment needs of our corporate partners.

What We Do

  • Help to move more Philadelphians and job-seekers in the region into high-growth careers and occupations that pay family-sustaining wages
  • Create mobile, flexible and affordable paths to obtaining industry-recognized credentials, critical knowledge and skills
  • Develop a portfolio of workshops, noncredit programs and courses that are learner-friendly and based on the immediate and long-term needs of our corporate partners
  • Create workplace training and education solutions and strategies with our strategic and corporate partners
  • Improve collaboration between the College, local employers, municipal and state agencies, and industry partners to ensure programs align with the region’s workforce needs

What We Accomplish

  • As a minority-serving institution, we provide African American and Latino women with real skills for real jobs with real success; we do not consider wages below $17/hr (or $35,360/year) as sustainable.
  • Provide talent pipelines for 64 corporate partners to access professional, in-demand and diverse talent.
  • Provide courses that lead to more than 70 industry-recognized certifications for careers in the top growth industries - healthcare, IT, legal, business and finance.
  • Align supply (talent) with demand (jobs).
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