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Peirce College is governed by a Board of Trustees recruited from the Mid-Atlantic region. Trustees are cross-sector leaders, some of whom are alumni of the College, and all of whom are committed and highly engaged in promoting the welfare of the College. Membership on the Board provides the opportunity to participate in the advancement of the College and its mission.

Peirce is led by Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, president & CEO, and the President's Council.  Members of the President's Council lead a dynamic, empowering work environment that promotes accessible leadership; direct and open communication; and a culture based in teamwork and mutual respect. Strong support of the College’s mission is critical to advancing students and graduates in alignment with the evolving needs of a global workforce and economy. Collectively, this community is instrumental in strengthening Peirce’s mission and historic legacy of impact.

From the President

Dr. Mary Ellen Caro speaks on the importance of fostering strong student relationships, partnerships with employers, and Peirce's personalized approach to higher education for working adults.

Office of the President

Peirce President & CEO Dr. Mary Ellen Caro is the eighth president of Peirce College. Learn more about her background and her vision for the future.

Board of Trustees

The volunteer members of Peirce's Board of Trustees represent leadership in regional public and private industry and help guide Peirce in providing personalized, career-oriented adult education.

President's Council 

The President's Council consists of executives in charge of each department at Peirce as well as the Peirce College president. See the members of President's Council and get their contact information.

Mission & Vision

Peirce College strives to be recognized as the higher education leader in personalized, career-based, adult education. This goal is reflected in our mission and vision statements and nine core values.

Strategic Planning

Peirce College embarked on a new three-year strategic plan, which began in 2019-2020 year and will run through 2021-2022.

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Organizational Leadership

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