Employer Relations: Partner with Peirce

Peirce College stands at the nexus of higher education and workforce training to provide the customized solutions aligned with the strategic needs of our corporate partners as well as prospective employees interested in advancing their skills and their careers.

Peirce is the only college or university in Pennsylvania that is dedicated exclusively to serving working adults and other nontraditional learners. Through our employer relations efforts, we leverage our unique academic model to:

  • empower employers to close skills gaps at their organizations and expand the capacity of their employees   
  • empower learners to gain the skills and credentials recognized by employers
  • provide our partners with tuition discounts and no application fees

At Peirce, we enable learners to build capacity and validate the skills and competencies needed by employers in the region. Peirce is honored to serve more than 60 corporate partners.

Customized Training 

Peirce College develops specialized training based on the needs of our corporate partners, which can range from onsite and online workshops to skills-based badges and certificates and degree programs. Learn more.

Flexible, Stackable Educational Pathways  

Peirce College provides a variety of flexible, stackable educational pathways that provide no-cost and low-cost options that expand accessibility and lower costs for working adults and their employers. Learn more. 

Evaluating Employer Training for Credit 

Peirce College is a regional leader in the assessment of prior learning, including military and professional training and workplace training developed by employers for their employers. Being able to award credit for your organization's training leverages the investment you have already made - and lowers the overall cost of education. Learn more

Citizenship and Social Responsibility

As a community impact partner, Peirce College works with foundations, nonprofit organizations and government entities to advance education, workforce development, community development and economic development priorities. Learn more

Who We Serve

Peirce is committed to providing solutions for local businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies that develop the skilled workforce required to drive economic growth in the greater Philadelphia region. Learn more.

Contact Us

To learn more about partnering with Peirce College, contact Charles Cunningham, Director of Corporate Engagement and Partnerships, at or 215.670.9203.  

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