Workforce Solutions:  No-Cost & Low-Cost Educational Pathways

Peirce College is different than most other colleges and universities in the country because of the clients we serve. 

Traditional models of higher education do not meet the needs of most working adults and employers, so Peirce has created a new model. Our model includes a variety of flexible, stackable pathways that allow students to earn the credentials and certifications they need to advance their careers for a fraction of the cost of traditional tuition. Some alternative credit providers that save our students money include: 

  • Google Career Certificates, including IT Support, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, UX Design and IT Automation (offered at no cost for Peirce students)
  • Meta Career Certificates, including Social Media Marketing (offered at no cost for Peirce students) 
  • Coursera, including courses aligned with our undergraduate and graduate degree programs (offered at no cost for Peirce students)
  • ACE evaluated training, including a wide variety of military and professional training and courses
  •, including courses aligned with our undergraduate programs (offered at no cost for Peirce students)
  •, including several low-cost courses aligned with our undergraduate programs
  •, including several low-cost courses aligned with our undergraduate programs
  •, including several low-cost courses aligned with our undergraduate programs
  • CLEP® exams, including several low-cost credit-by-exams aligned with our undergraduate programs

These options provide no-cost and low-cost online options for our students and our partners that increase access and affordability and reduce the costs of earning an undergraduate or graduate degree. Credits earned through these options apply directly to Peirce degree programs and certificates. 

Peirce also offers a wide variety of stackable, online undergraduate and graduate certificates that apply directly to our baccalaureate and master’s degree programs. Industry-recognized certifications can be embedded into certificates or degree programs. 

The Career Bridge program at Peirce also provides short, stackable options that prepare students with the skills, certifications and credentials needed for in-demand jobs. Peirce is can develop customized tracks for corporate partners with specific needs as part of the Career Bridge program. 

Lastly, all degree programs and certificates at Peirce revolve around the unique needs of working adults. Degree programs and certificates are delivered online are a led by faculty members who specialize in working with busy adults in an online environment. Depending on the goals of our students and partners, we can embed industry-recognized certifications into most programs. 

What does “stackable” mean? 

Stackable refers to credits earned at or awarded by Peirce that can be applied directly to a degree program or certificate. This includes industry-recognized credentials, professional and military training, credit-by-exam programs and credits earned via alternative credit providers as well as undergraduate and graduate certificates. 

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

To learn more about no-cost and low-cost alternative educational pathways that help maximize your organization's tuition assistance program, contact Charles Cunningham, Director of Corporate Engagement and Partnerships, at or 215.670.9203.


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