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Peirce College works with, an online learning platform, to create affordable degree completion pathways that can save our students time and money.  

Here’s how it works:

1. Select a Peirce College degree, such as:

All of Peirce's other bachelor's degree programs accept up to 90 transfer credits. If you're interested in another program, please contact an Enrollment Specialist to build out your own customized degree completion map.

2. Speak with a Peirce Enrollment Specialist to:

  • Learn how your previously earned transfer credits can be applied
  • See what courses you will need to take at Peirce College

3. Set Your Plan: Speak with your Success Coach to identify which courses are transferable 

4. Complete your courses: Pass the proctored final exam and transfer your credits to Peirce

5. Finish your Peirce College courses and earn your bachelor’s degree!

Get started now!


How does work? allows students to pay a membership fee and then take low cost, video-based courses that have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education. Credits earned through approved courses can be applied to bachelor’s degree programs at Peirce. Learn more

I’ve been working in my field for a long time and I think I already know a lot of the material. Do I still have to take the course?

For many courses, you can skip through the parts you already know, thanks to a placement test at the start of the course. This will allow you to finish the course modules faster and get right to the proctored exam. Peirce also offers several options for prior learning assessment, which can save time and money. The College offers a range of exams that can award you credit for college-level knowledge, and also accepts all ACE-approved CLEP exams. For more test-out options for subject areas you already know, download our Guide to Saving Time & Money.

How much does cost?

A full breakdown of how works is available on their website.

What courses transfer to Peirce?

More than 175 courses are accepted for credit at Peirce College and map to our bachelor’s degree programs. For a full listing, consult our list of course equivalencies.

How do I get started?

Contact the Admissions team at Peirce College to discuss what degree program matches your goals and interests. Contact us at 215.670.9331. An Enrollment Specialist will work with you to build a degree plan that maximizes your transfer credits at Peirce.

How much does it cost to complete my degree?

Your costs depend on:

  • the number of transfer credits that can be applied to your Peirce degree, including courses you have completed at other regionally accredited colleges or universities, credit-by-exams and professional or military training you have completed
  • the number of courses you complete and apply to your Peirce degree
  • the number of Peirce College courses you need to take to complete your degree

Some Peirce College bachelor’s degree programs require students to earn 19 credits via Peirce courses and others require students to earn 30 credits via Peirce courses. The number of credits you will take with Peirce will depend on the personalized degree map you build with your Enrollment Specialist. 

Fees at Peirce include some of the following:

  • Services Fee: $165 per session
  • Credit by Examination (per course): $350
  • Credit for Portfolio Assessment (per course): $350
  • Course Audit Fee: $200
  • Graduation Fee: $75
  • Associate Business Program Assessment Test Fee: $18
  • Bachelor's Business Program Assessment Test Fee: $36
  • Payment Plan Fee (per semester): $35
  • Return Check Fee (per check): $25
  • Transcript Fee (per transcript): $5 (paper copy)/$6 (electronic copy)
  • Late Payment Fee (per month for balance due): 1%
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