This is Peirce Connections

This is Peirce Connections

Welcome to the official Peirce College blog! We’ve worked hard to design this blog as a source of information for you, the Peirce community. And obviously that means nothing without … YOU. We need your help to make Peirce Connections a true window into the college — YOU the students, YOU the faculty, and YOU the staff.

Our goal is simple: Create an online community that tells an honest and transparent story of the school and how higher and continuing education empowers people to live better lives. Now here’s where you come in. First, join the community on the blog! Start talking. Share ideas. And get writing. Posts include observations about higher education, stories about students and alumni, and information about events.

They can even be as simple as your own thoughts about what’s going on in Philadelphia, because if it affects you, it affects us! Septa strike making life difficult? New park benches providing a fun new study spot? Political or community events have you excited? Share your own ideas for the blog and posts with us! You can send these thoughts directly to

And it’s easy to share your comments at the end of a post to offer your own insight and experience. In fact, please do! You can even rate what you think of each post via a “star” system. Be honest — and, of course, be respectful — in your interactions. This is meant to be open and fun for all involved, but we’ll also ensure that nothing is offensive or damaging. Comments will be moderated.

Share the blog with others. For those that are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, we encourage you to share posts via those outlets. Forward links to others via e-mail and instant message. We’re making our online presence known.

You can now find us on all of the above social networking sites. Become a fan of Peirce College on Facebook. And follow us on Twitter. Or, if you need help getting set up on any social networking sites, let us know! We’ll be happy to show you how. I hope you’ll stay tuned and stay engaged with us here, because this new blog is going to be an experience for us all.

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