How Peirce’s FYI program taught Kenneth Davis time management

How Peirce’s FYI program taught Kenneth Davis time management

TIME’S YOURS: Kenneth shares his story
about his path to success

We’ve been sharing the words of our First Year Initiative (FYI) reception speakers here on the blog to highlight how the program can help students adjust to college life. We recently shared Sheena Goodman’s words, and today we wanted to highlight another speaker, Kenneth Davis.

Kenneth filled the crowd in on how his first year at Peirce taught him the importance of time management. After learning that valuable lesson, Kenneth became more involved in the Peirce community, especially the FYI program. See how Kenneth felt that his participation in the FYI program enriched his college experience.

“Good evening and welcome everyone.

My name is Kenneth Davis and I recently participated in the Peirce College Commencement ceremony to receive my associate degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management. I am now continuing on to get my bachelor’s degree.

This evening I have been provided the opportunity to share with you some experiences of my journey thus far at Peirce College. I am very proud to be a Peirce student and remain excited about my decision to pursue my bachelor’s degree here. My first year, like many of you, was spent just trying to keep up.

Through an experience in my environmental science course, I quickly learned the importance of time management. Based upon the instructor’s feedback, if I had managed my time differently I would have received a higher grade in this course. I saw my GPA drop and knew I needed to do something differently.

From that point on I learned that I would have to figure out a balance between work, family, personal obligations, and most importantly, school. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I learned it well.

During my second year, I remembered what I learned and continued those same practices. After becoming unemployed, I was given an opportunity to focus whole-heartedly on my education. I didn’t let my newfound status deter my goals.

I actually saw this as an opportunity to focus more on completing my associate degree. I utilized some of my time to attend workshops and participated in events provided by FYI, WCAE, and Career Development Services. I feel the knowledge that I acquired helped to make this a richer college experience.

In closing, I would like to say that you will experience challenges, but I encourage you to maintain your focus, good study habits, time management skills, and regular participation in class. Soon, you too will have that joyful experience of walking across the stage at Verizon Hall!”

We have one more speech to share from our FYI ceremony, so stay tuned. And thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with us Kenneth!

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2 thoughts on “How Peirce’s FYI program taught Kenneth Davis time management”

  • My best wishes to Kenneth for his life! The time management lesson he learned and the whole-hearted focus on his studies led him to the path to success. Time management should be learned by all of us to fulfill obligations in our daily lives as well!


  • Hey Kenny,

    I pray all is well with you and your family today. You are truly an inspiration to me number one because you are a beautiful person and a real man who is motivated about himself, his life, and his education, and number two because you always have a smile on your face, or a joke to tell, even when you are frustrated and assignments and life in general may be getting on your last nerve. I pray you are happy, prosperous, peaceful, and content in your life and that you have whatever it is you want because you truly deserve it.

    Love ya, hugs,

    Diana Kirkland



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