Career Bridge – how does it work?

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Career Bridge – how does it work?

After just four weeks, Peirce’s first group of Career Bridge students are almost finished with their first course. 

Students are pursuing certifications in medical coding, project management, and financial and business operations, and may be ready to meet with employers in the spring. 

Almost all of these students have been able to apply credits to their program from transfer credits they earned earlier in their lives, which will shorten their time to completion. With Career Bridge, students earn credits from a variety of sources, including previously completed courses, professional and military training, and skills gained through their job.

Our second class is currently forming, and one of the most common questions we’ve received has been: how exactly does this new model work? This is a fair question, so we built a video to explain it in five easy steps:

Does this all sound interesting? There are still FULL SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE. Apply for free to see if you qualify.

If you get started this fall, you may be ready to meet with employers in the summer. Believe in a better future, with Career Bridge. 

If you have any questions about Career Bridge, or want to speak with someone about getting started, contact LaKeesha Johnson at or 215.670.9388.

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