ITK BLOG: The Importance of Building Relationships – Part 1

ITK BLOG: The Importance of Building Relationships – Part 1

Today’s blog post is the next in our series about the Inside Track Coaching that Peirce College advisors and career counselors recently completed. Funded by a grant from the Predominantly Black Institutions program, we’ll continue to share an inside look at the experience and how it benefits our students and alumni.

Is building and cultivating professional relationships worth the effort? In today’s blog, we are going to take a dive into demonstrating that YES, it is worth the effort!

One of the five elements of the Inside Track® coaching approach is Building Relationships. This is the first and most crucial component during any interaction that occurs with one another, whether it be with a student, a professor, an advisor, a potential employer, a significant other, a friend…the list can go on with the number of relationships we build. Throughout this blog post, we will discuss the WHY of building relationships that is outlined by Inside Track.

The importance of building relationships benefits each and every one of us in many different ways, but the common factor for all is the “why” of building relationships. Any type of relationship needs to start with developing a foundation and getting to know one another. When we build trust and share relevant information to a relationship, this fosters the building of a relationship.

Here’s an example: Imagine that a former student calls the College, hoping to return and register for classes after five years of being away. When the initial call takes place, a relationship starts to develop with the first person that they speak with at Peirce. This initial call is pivotal in the process of the student wanting to return to Peirce and paving the way for future interactions throughout the College, because of that first initial contact.

Building relationships adds meaning and richness to our lives and, in turn, helps one to be successful and achieve our goals. At Peirce, we continue to build relationships in order to best strengthen relationships throughout the Peirce Community.

During the extensive Inside Track training, one of the main goals that was addressed was making sure that we create a safe space for our students by building trust and credibility.

“An established relationship is the foundation of successfully serving students. Investing time and energy toward building a relationship ensures that students can trust you.” (Inside Track)

We want our students to be successful throughout their journey at Peirce and outside of Peirce; building relationships will help foster a connection that will strengthen and provide a foundation to build other relationships in order to grow.

Look for part 2 of the blog series that will outline HOW we build relationships and learn some key points in how you can develop more meaningful relationships in your life to help you achieve your goals!

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