Faith Messado Awarded the Gold Leaf Scholarship presented by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce

Faith Messado Awarded the Gold Leaf Scholarship presented by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce

The annual Gold Leaf Celebration, hosted by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce at the Philadelphia Country Club, featured the presentation of the 2023 Gold Leaf Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded every year to a woman who has distinguished themselves through community and academic excellence while pursuing their college degree.

This year’s recipient is an undergraduate student at Peirce – Faith Messado!

Faith’s journey to Peirce was similar to many other students’ – in the summer of 2010, after seeing advertisements for Peirce College and the message that they were dedicated to working adults, she decided now was the time to face her fear and continue her education. She was able to transfer credits from her previous education, The Katharine Gibbs School, which ended up saving her a substantial amount of money.

“Transferring those credits was a gift,” she said. “I did not even think that it was possible since the Katharine Gibbs School was no longer in business.”

Faith was motivated to apply for the Gold Leaf Scholarship by her advisor, Renee Doremus, who knew about her financial struggles as well as her desires to continue her education. She plans to use this scholarship to finish her degree through Peirce’s bachelor’s-to-master’s program, where she will earn credits that count toward both her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree.

She states, “Because of this scholarship, I am like that little engine who thinks she can. I can. I can. I just know I can!”

As the first in her family to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and as an immigrant to the United States, she has battled a number of personal challenges to get where she is today. She is motivated by the love and support of her family, specifically her nieces and nephews. As they grow into adults, she wants to provide a good example for them and position herself as a leader in their lives.

Faith speaks highly when she describes her experience at Peirce. She acknowledges the kindness and encouragement of the staff who helped ease her worries when she first applied and the professors who continuously encourage her to do her best. During this past summer term, she even made the President’s List.

“I owe my transformation to Peirce College,” she said. “The moment I entered those doors on Pine Street, I took off my running shoes and submitted myself to my professors, the true professionals!”

Currently, Faith works as an Administrative Support Analyst in a newly formed department. In the future, she plans to pursue her master’s degree and transition into a leadership role.

And for all of her fellow Peirce students and the working adults considering going back to school, Faith has some advice: “It is never too late to invest in yourself! It is never too late to soar like an eagle! Just aim a little higher! You can do it! One day at a time.”

Thank you to the Main Line Chamber of Commerce for providing this opportunity, and for honoring such a well-deserving student.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Faith!

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