How the Career Bridge Program Works

How It Works

The Career Bridge Program at Peirce College provides personalized, career-integrated counseling and support. It is like GPS for navigating career change.

Here is how Career Bridge works – in five easy steps. 

  1. First, we learn about your goals and help you explore sustainable employment opportunities that pay family-sustaining wages. This includes career counseling and helping you match your goals to job opportunities in the region. 
  2. Next, we determine whether your existing skills, training and prior learning map to skills required for an in-demand, sustainable occupation. 
  3. Then, we determine if you can earn credit for those skills via Peirce College’s Prior Learning Assessment program. This includes earning credit for professional and military training, and expertise you gained in a previous job or other experience. We can also apply transfer credit for previous college courses you have completed. 
  4. Next, we identify the training, certification and credentials you still need for the occupation, and we get you enrolled in the courses you need to complete that training. You will receive career-integrated advising and counseling as you complete one of our short, stackable Career Bridge tracks.
  5. Next, we connect you with employment opportunities in the region, and help you apply for jobs, prepare for interviews and leverage the College’s alumni network.

The program can be completed in as little as six-to-nine months.

Visit our Career Bridge Portal to:

  • see the credentials, certifications and skills you need for in-demand jobs
  • see how your transfer credits apply to degree programs and certificates at Peirce
  • find current job opportunities in our region

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