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In the Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA) program, the faculty's primary goal is to prepare healthcare practitioners for leadership roles in various sectors of the industry. Our professors guide our students through the utilization of a variety of skills to implement an organizational improvement and change initiative within a healthcare organization and to conduct action research on best practices in healthcare administration.

When introducing you to the program, the faculty will enable you to develop and understanding of the history of the United States' healthcare system and how it has evolved in theory and practice through economic, financial and regulatory challenges. You'll learn the moral values and ethical principles applicable to complex healthcare organizations and glean a comprehensive understanding of the bioethical and socio-ethical issues of the current day and historical periods. Because contemporary systems are so complex and varied you'll also be taught lessons on healthcare law and compliance to better understand the unique challenges of emerging innovative models of healthcare delivery.

Because this is a masters-level program, our MSHCA faculty will offer lessons on how to perform as a leader in the healthcare field, imparting in you crucial knowledge about the cultural and technological diversities you'll encounter as a manager in the field.

Your final coursework includes a faculty-guided virtual healthcare environment with patient flow, from which you will walk away with the knowledge of how to provide detailed analytics for generating effective, safe and quality healthcare improvement. In your capstone, the Healthcare Administration faculty will have you demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of healthcare practices and theories with respect to leadership, research, planning and process implementation.

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