Earn Your Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership & Management at Peirce College

In Peirce College's online Organizational Leadership & Management (MSOLM) program, our primary goal is to prepare students for successful, rewarding careers in organizational change, consultation, management, and leadership. Students will utilize their analytical and diagnostic skills by implementing, planning, and improving processes for institutional, team, and individual development in their final project.

There isn't just one reason for you to continue your education with a master's degree: there are 12,000 of them. Master's degree graduates can earn $12,000 more a year than those who only have a bachelor's degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Need another reason? The Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects graduate degree holder jobs to grow by about 6.5% by 2024. Peirce's program is designed to provide students with a career-oriented education that will set them up to take on important leadership roles.

Our master of science degree in Organizational Leadership & Management can help increase your earning potential as you advance your career or transition to a completely new field. The program will help you build leadership skills using motivation, inspiration, and communication techniques.

As a student in this program, you’ll take courses like Ethical Decision Making, Strategic Human Resource Management, Transcendent Leadership, Systems Dynamics & Change, and Strategic Management and Finance. And because the program applies to so many fields, you’ll participate in class with students from a variety of industries and backgrounds, which brings diverse experiences and viewpoints to class discussions.

Graduates of the program are prepared to take on management roles in their organizations, become training and development specialists, or better manage their own small business.

Online Graduate Degrees

Because most of Peirce's graduate degree students are working adult learners, we make it simple for college to fit into our students' lives. Thanks to our accelerated class format, you can earn your master's degree in Organizational Leadership & Management in just two years by taking just one course at a time every session. We also give you the option to take all or some of your courses online rather than on campus. You even have the choice of switching between the two on a weekly basis thanks to Peirce Fit.

Apply today to start your path toward a more rewarding, better-paying leadership position.

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