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Accountant Degree Faculty

Meet Our Accounting Faculty

Meet Our Accounting Degree Faculty

Peirce College's full-time faculty Accounting Degree faculty teach courses both online and on-campus here in Center City, Philadelphia. Our accounting professors will teach you both theoretical and real-life application lessons on major accounting principles and procedures. You'll learn all of the skills and competencies needed to make informed and sound decisions based on hard financial data. The Accounting faculty teaches our students how to analyze balance sheets, cash, inventories, investments, tangible fixed assets, liabilities, intangible assets and more.

After you've learned these core accounting skills, you'll then glean more advanced principles such as intensive study of financial statements, including the income statement, statement of cash flow and balance sheet and their interrelationship. You'll also study the individual components of balance sheets: fixed assets, liabilities, investments in debt and equity securities. 

After you've learned about taxation, cost accounting, computerized accounting, auditing and managerial accounting you'll move toward the final lessons of our Accounting degree program. In your capstone class, our faculty will task you with reviewing, analyzing and integrating all of the work you've completed for them to date and demonstrating your mastery of accounting principles.