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Medical coders perform essential work that supports the delivery of patient care and the healthcare industry’s process of revenue cycle management. The job market for medical coders is expected to grow by 11 percent through 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers often require medical coders to possess a postsecondary credential. 

Earn This Certificate for Less

For a limited time, Peirce is offering special, discounted tuition of $350 per credit for new students who enroll in an undergraduate certificate. This is more than 40% less than our regular undergraduate tuition. Tuition for the Medical Coding certificate is $7,770 (does not include fees or books).

The online Medical Coding certificate at Peirce College prepares you for employment as a medical coder, and to earn professional AHIMA and AAPC certifications.  You will gain hands-on experience to become proficient with logic-based encoder software and the resources they provide, including ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure codebooks, CPT and HCPCS codebooks, reimbursement groupers and additional references. All courses are available entirely online. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Medical Coding program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Determine diagnosis and procedure codes according to official guidelines.
  2. Evaluate revenue cycle processes.
  3. Evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies.
  4. Utilize classification systems, clinical vocabularies, and nomenclatures.
  5. Evaluate assignment of diagnostic and procedural codes and groupings, in accordance with official guidelines.

Program at a Glance:




100% online & stackable

Transfer Credits:

Apply up to 12 transfer credits to this certificate

Time to Complete:

9 months; our test out options can shorten your timeline.


($350 per credit x 22 credits)

*Based on special, limited-time tuition for new students of $350 per credit (does not include fees or books). Our test-out options can further reduce costs.

Timeline & Start Times

The online Medical Coding certificate can be completed in nine months over the course of four sessions. Each session lasts approximately eight weeks. There are three start times for the program each year.


Courses in First Session:

PRC 100 or PRC 101 Peirce Orientation

HIT 100 Medical Terminology*

SCI 240 Anatomy & Physiology 1*

Courses in Third Session:

HIT 220 ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding

HIT 225 CPT Coding


Courses in Second Session:

SCI 250 Anatomy & Physiology 2*

SCI 270 Pathophysiology*

Courses in Fourth Session:

HIT 221 Advanced ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding

HIT 226 Advanced CPT Coding

*available as a test out option (cost is $200 each).

Earn AHIMA & AAPC Certification

Graduates will be eligible to sit for the following certification exams:

Why Earn Professional Certification?

Earning AHIMA or AAPC certification will help you stand out from other job candidates, and Peirce College’s Exam Incentive Program reimburses the cost of the exam for successful, first-time test takers.

Salary Information

  • According to the 2019 AHIMA Salary Study, medical coders who hold CCS® certification and have one year of experience earn an average annual salary of $60,160. 
  • According to the 2023 AAPC job report, medical coders who hold the CPC® certification earn an average annual salary of $56,971 in Pennsylvania. Individuals who hold the COC® certification earn an average salary of $67,695.
  • On average, medical records specialists - a term that encompasses coders, billers, auditors, practice managers, and compliance officers - (certified and non-certified) average $55, 389 annually, according to the 2022 Salary Survey results. Those without certification average $46, 321 per year, while certified medical records specialists average $56,290 annually - 17.7% more than their non-certified colleagues.


For course requirements and prerequisite information, refer to the individual course descriptions in the College Catalog.

PRCPRC 100 or PRC 101*1
SCI 240Anatomy & Physiology I3
SCI 250Anatomy & Physiology II3
SCI 270Pathophysiology3
HIT 100Medical Terminology3
HIT 220ICD-10-CM Coding3
HIT 225CPT/Outpatient Coding3
HIT 221 or HIT 226

Advanced ICD Coding & Virtual PPE or

Advanced CPT Coding & Virtual PPE


Stackable and Impactful

The 22 credits earned in the Medical Coding certificate program are stackable. Students can apply 19 credits earned from the Medical Coding certificate directly to our Health Information Technology degree. The remaining three credits not applied to the HIT program can be applied to the BS in Health Information Administration degree to fulfill an open elective. In addition, all 22 credits earned in the Medical Coding certificate can be applied to the BA in Liberal Studies degree


Advisory Board

The Health Programs Advisory Board is one of the primary mechanisms that drive the ongoing evaluation and development of Peirce College’s health programs and keep them relevant, current and in touch with the needs of employers.  The board is comprised of healthcare industry professionals, program faculty, College administrators, the general public and alumni.   

Our goal is to create a diversified forum that will address trends, developments, and issues affecting the healthcare community as a whole, and the healthcare industry in particular.  

Current Health Programs Advisory Board members are employed in a variety of healthcare settings in organizations such as the New Jersey State Cancer Registry, Merakey, Lankenau Medical Center-Main Line Health and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Human Services Student Association

The Health and Human Service Programs Student Association (HPSA) is composed of students enrolled in Peirce College’s health and human service programs. There is no membership fee to belong to HPSA. Students become members when they become a student in a health or human services program.   

HPSA provides a vehicle for students to get to know each other, network, discuss areas of study, and provide support for each other.  Faculty advisors for HPSA facilitate educational and social programs for students to participate.  Information relating to careers in the healthcare industry, opportunities for scholarships, internships, part-time jobs, and academic requirements and policies are freely available through an electronic platform through the Canvas Learning Management System.

Careers in Medical Coding

Earning a Certificate in Medical Coding from Peirce College is a great way to start your career in healthcare. Peirce graduates hold a variety of positions in health information management, administration and leadership at hospitals, healthcare systems, insurance companies and physician offices.

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 “Successful students in the Certificate of Medical Coding program manage their time effectively and are committed to developing proficiency as future coders.  The program is rigorous by design, and our most successful students recognize the value of asking for support from their instructor and staff in the Walker Center for Academic Excellence.”

Stephanie A. Donovan, Ed.D., MBA, RHIA
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

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