How to Finish Your Bachelor’s for $12,000 with 90 Transfer Credits

Degrees available:

BS in Organizational Leadership & Management (121 credits)
BS in Technology Management (121 credits) 
BA in Liberal Studies (121 credits)

Transfer credits: You will need 90 transfer credits that apply to the degree
Credits remaining:

31 credits

- Finish 19 credits via seven Peirce courses and

- Finish 12 credits via four online courses 
Peirce tuition:$11,000 flat tuition (covers 19 undergraduate credits taken at Peirce)
Peirce course fees:  None – they are covered in flat tuition fees:$800 (estimated) - covers 12 credits taken via four online courses
- This cost is paid directly to and not covered in Peirce flat tuition
Estimated total: $11,800 (excluding books)


Traditional Pathway

Flat Tuition + Pathway

Peirce per credit tuition: 
31 credits x $600 per credit = $18,600

Estimated Peirce course fees: 

Estimated total (excluding books): 

Peirce flat tuition: 
19 credits = $11,000

Estimated Peirce course fees: 
None – covered in flat tuition

Estimated total (excluding books): 

To learn more about this program, contact us at or 215.670.9214.

Tuition and estimated totals listed above do not include books and are based on current undergraduate Peirce College tuition of $600 per credit and course fees of $165 per session. Estimated Peirce course fees are based on students taking one course per session. fees are based on published College Saver rates on the website.

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