Peirce College’s Flat Tuition plan is a pilot program designed for newly enrolled, self-directed students

who have least 45 transfer credits and are interested in finishing a bachelor’s degree. 

Programs available:

  • BS in Organizational Leadership
  • BS in Technology Management

Transfer credit and GPA requirements:

  • At least 45 transfer credits with a GPA of at 2.0 or higher that apply to the Organizational Leadership or Technology Management program.
  • Up to 102 transfer credits can be applied to the Organizational Leadership or Technology Management program.
  • Transfer credits may include credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions as well as credits awarded for professional certifications and licenses, credit-by-exam programs and professional and military training.    


  • Students will be charged $11,000 to cover 19 credits for one flat price, which will cover course registration fees.
  • Students will have up to 27 months to complete courses they enrolled for under the plan.
  • Books are not covered.
  • Online courses provided by are not covered.
  • Students not using federal or state financial aid may qualify for a monthly payment plan (up to 27 months)


  • The program is open to newly enrolled students only
  • The program is not open to students enrolling under a corporate partnership or students receiving an institutional scholarship, such as the Community College Articulation Scholarship.

Students should compare this Flat Tuition Program to other benefits they may receive, such as military and veteran benefits, corporate discounts, scholarships and financial aid, and decide which option best fits their needs.

Questions? Contact us at or 215.670.9214.

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