Tips for Negotiating Your Salary with a New Job Offer


Most people experience a variety of emotions when they are offered a new job, especially at a new company or organization. 


And when it comes to new job offers, we often think that talking about money is taboo. Usually, it is something that nobody wants to bring it up and many of us wonder when it’s supposed to be discussed.


But it is important – to both you and your potential new employer. So, when should you bring it up?


Definitely do not walk into a first interview and ask how much the position pays. However, once you are offered the job, it is appropriate to discuss the option for a higher starting salary.  Remember, a job offer is an invitation to negotiate.


And just by starting that negotiation, you are more likely to get an offer that is about $5,000 higher than if you did not negotiate at all. Most employers expect that job seekers will negotiate, which is why they do not typically put the best number on the table at the beginning. 


Another mistake that many people make is not doing the research. It is helpful to know salary information for someone in your geographic region and with your experience and skill set as it better informs you about the job market.  You can find this information on websites, such as:


It’s worth your time - even before the first interview - to know what the frame work is and what you can expect from the position you are pursuing.

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