Negotiating Your Salary

Tips for Earning the Salary You Deserve

By Sharon Thompsonowak, Workforce Development Director, Rebuild, City of Philadelphia, and Leslie Ballway, Director, Career Development Services at Peirce College

Discussing the topic of money during an interview can be an intimidating part of your career search. Nobody wants to bring it up and nobody knows when it’s supposed to be discussed.

The first thing to know about negotiating your salary is that you should absolutely not walk into a first interview and say, “I’m here for the job, but how much does it pay?”

Be sure to sell your skills, experience and education first!

Once there is an official offer on the table, then it becomes the appropriate time to begin discussing how much you hope to earn for this new position. An offer is simply an invitation to begin the negotiation.

Something to remember when you are ready to negotiate is that you are more likely to get an offer of $5,000 more than if you didn’t negotiate at all. Negotiation is expected; so don’t be afraid to take advantage of this opportunity!

Something else to know about negotiating your salary is you must do your research first to know your desired salary range. You should know what the numbers are for someone in your geographic region with your experience and skill set.

There are a lot of places you can get those numbers:

It is always worth your time even before the first interview to know what the framework is and what you can expect from the position you are pursuing.

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