An Essential Employee, A Single Mother, A Peirce Alumnus – Meet Jinette Cabrera

An Essential Employee, A Single Mother, A Peirce Alumnus – Meet Jinette Cabrera

As a single mother, Jinette was inspired to return to school to show her two children no matter what stage of life you’re at, you can always set goals and achieve them.

After four years of chasing her associate degree, Jinette was ready to buckle down and earn her bachelor’s degree as quickly as possible. She knew taking this next step would help her overall career progression. Jinette discovered Peirce College through her former employer and found her associate degree was easily transferable, which would save her time and money.

Jinette also learned that beyond Peirce’s ability to accept all her transfer credits, Peirce was also designed for the working adult. Jinette knew as a full-time employee and mother, she needed a college that would be flexible and accelerated.

When enrolling at Peirce College, Jinette found Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program to be the best fit for her career goals. Jinette has been working in the business field for nearly a decade and knew earning her bachelor’s degree in business would only add to her knowledge and experience.

Currently, Jinette works for Hispanic Associations Contractors & Enterprises (HACE) which is a nonprofit real estate project development agency, in their project management division. She recently transitioned into this role once she started in the bachelor’s degree program as she found this new opportunity aligned best with what she was learning in the classroom.

In this role, Jinette is considered an essential employee who must go into the office even during the pandemic. She has had to learn how to balance work during this difficult time with her education while also managing her children’s virtual learning. Jinette noted how the pandemic has added more responsibilities to her plate, but by staying organized and on top of deadlines, she has been able to stay on track.

Additionally, Jinette’s Academic Advisor at Peirce College, Danielle Frank, inspired Jinette to keep going with her degree when she thought about stopping. Danielle encouraged Jinette to keep aiming for that finish line because Jinette had a goal in mind and Peirce was determined to help her get there.

And sure enough, Jinette accomplished her goal! Jinette officially finished her degree in December 2020.

As Jinette tackled the ongoing balance as a single mother working at the office during the pandemic while enrolled in school with two children taking part in virtual learning, Jinette said a lot of other mothers in a similar situation asked how she could fit in education for herself. Jinette said her advice was and continues to be, “You can’t overthink it. School is hard, but we need it, our kids need it, for our future, for our kids’ futures. Every time I talk to others about going back to school, I tell them about Peirce College because it is made for parents and working adults with the accelerated classes and flexibility. You can do this!”

Congratulations to Jinette on all of her successes!

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