Making Her Children Proud – Meet Kristina Elton

Making Her Children Proud – Meet Kristina Elton

Kristina Elton has worked in a bank for over 14 years. She has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the business field. However, one day, Kristina decided it was time to enhance her resume by adding a degree. Inspired by her children, Kristina began the search for a college that worked for her.

A close friend of Kristina’s went to Peirce College, so she knew of Peirce’s dedication to working adults. As a mother of two young children and a full-time employee, finding a school to support her was important.

After a bit of research, she decided to attend. Kristina enrolled in the Associate in Science in Business Administration program. She said, “Every career I have had in my life has been with business as the foundation. I wanted to learn even more about business and increase my skills.”

Kristina said in this program she has learned, “a lot about what happens behind the scenes of running a business and the right and wrong way to execute things.” After hard work and dedication, Kristina is proudly graduating with her first degree in June 2021.

But she isn’t done yet. Kristina plans to continue increasing this knowledge by moving into the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program next.

As Kristina continues her education, she always thinks through the financial aspect, especially as a mother. One day an announcement showed up in her course for a scholarship opportunity for working women. Kristina applied and won! Kristina is a proud 2021 Paradigm Scholarship for Working Women Recipient, presented by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

She said, “Winning this scholarship means so much to me. It has made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. It also shows my kids, no matter how old you get, you can accomplish anything.”

Additionally, Kristina reflected on this scholarship win and her Peirce experience by saying, “Going to school as an adult is hard, having kids is hard, and working full time is hard. Doing all three at once is even harder, but every day I wake up and persevere. Hearing your children tell you they are proud of you is better than anything anyone can imagine.”

Congratulations to Kristina on all her accomplishments!

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