The 1865 Law Journal Editor-in-Chief and Paralegal Studies Student: Meet Doris Hiegl

The 1865 Law Journal Editor-in-Chief and Paralegal Studies Student: Meet Doris Hiegl

As part of our latest series, introducing the student-editors of The 1865: the Peirce College Law Journal, today’s feature is Doris Hiegl, a current student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program. Check out our interview below to learn more about Doris.

Where are you from? I am from Northeast Philadelphia.

What is your educational background (after high school)? I studied Art Therapy/Oil Painting at Arcadia University for two and a half years. I then transferred to Peirce College where I now major in Paralegal Studies.

What degree are you pursuing, and what are your plans after obtaining your degree? I am earning a degree in Paralegal Studies. I hope to use my degree to help advocate for people who are currently and/or previously incarcerated. My dream would be to work for the Innocence Project or Up Against the Law.

What was the best part of your educational journey? The best part of my educational journey was finding myself—learning who I am as an adult and how I want to use my knowledge to better the world around me.

What do you enjoy about the legal profession? What I enjoy about the legal profession is that I am always learning something new. Every case is different in one way or another. The legal world is constantly evolving, and I am constantly growing as a legal professional with it.

What is your best skill related to the law? My best skill related to the law is my legal writing.

What are your hobbies and interests? I am very passionate about social justice. I often spend my free time researching political theory and sociological topics such as police abolition, intersectional feminism, queer liberation, and fat liberation. I can also be found attending political protests in Philadelphia for various causes, but especially housing rights and actions that advocate for victims of police violence and the prison industrial complex.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and hard work on the law journal, Doris!

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