ITK Blog: How To Implement These Skills In Your Daily Life

ITK Blog: How To Implement These Skills In Your Daily Life

Today’s blog post is the latest in our series about the Inside Track Coaching that Peirce College advisors and career counselors recently completed. Funded by a grant from the Predominantly Black Institutions program, we’ll continue to share an inside look at the experience and how it benefits our students and alumni.

We hope that you have enjoyed and gained tools during our Inside Track® discussions throughout the past months. In the final blog in the series, we want to challenge you to review and utilize the skills that we have introduced to you to help you in your personal and professional journey.

Even when the training was completed with our Student Services staff, they have all continued to implement these skills in their daily interaction with students to build strong relationships and assist the students in his/her journey to be successful. The Student Services staff have also engaged and facilitated five “refresher” trainings that occurred the fourth Thursday of the month, with our last one that just occurred on January 25th, in which teams presented helpful topics that provided the staff with helpful reminders and tools to continue to implement through our daily interactions. Some of the topics that were discussed include:

– Summarize to Motivate

– Coaching through Text/Email, Assess to Prioritize

– Transparency and Role Articulation

– Understanding Core Values to Build Motivation

This will not end our work with Inside Track® and utilizing all the skills we have learned and gained to strengthen our student relationships.

What are your next steps to implement these skills in your daily life? Are you working on building stronger relationships or being a good listener? We challenge you to reflect weekly and monthly to determine what steps you have made in these areas in developing stronger communications skills. Remember, it takes time to master the implementation of these skills, so be patient and do NOT give up! When our Student Services staff engaged in this training, it also took them time to master these skills and that is why it is so important to reflect on your progress!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading these blogs and gained additional insights to assist you in achieving your goals. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to the Walker Center at

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