Program Spotlight: Online Certificate in Medical Billing

Program Spotlight: Online Certificate in Medical Billing

Are you interested in pursuing a career in one of the fastest growing fields? Earning a Certificate in Medical Billing from Peirce College is a great way to start your career in health information management.

Our Online Medical Billing Certificate is an ideal credential for those interested in entering the healthcare and health information management field, especially in the Philadelphia region. 

Medical billing involves generating claims to submit to insurance companies for payment of medical services. Medical billers navigate between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies and translate healthcare services into billing claims. Knowledgeable medical billers can optimize revenue performance for physician practices and healthcare organizations.

According to the AAPC, medical coders who hold the CPB™ certification earn an average annual salary of nearly $47,000.00 in Pennsylvania.Graduates of the Medical Billing certificate will be prepared to sit for the AAPC Certified Professional Biller (CPB™) exam, which is highly valued and often preferred by employers for medical records specialists.

The program is completely stackable and part of the College’s renowned Health Information Management program, which includes our Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Coding, AS in Health Information Management and BS in Health Information Administration.

Peirce graduates hold a variety of positions in health information management, administration and leadership at hospitals, healthcare systems, insurance companies and physician offices.

Want to speak with a faculty member about this program? Send an email to and we’ll connect you!

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