Farewell to 1420 Pine Street, as we invest in our future!

Farewell to 1420 Pine Street, as we invest in our future!

Every day at Peirce College, we strive to find the best ways to sustain our mission and empower our adult learners. To serve the unique needs of our students, we have always transitioned our tools, resources, and physical spaces as the world evolves.

In 2023, we moved to our new campus at 1608 Walnut Street, which is our fifth campus location in the College’s almost 160 year history. It provides a modern, flexible space for events, one-to-one meetings with staff, faculty, and face-to-face instruction if our students and partners want it. This space has proven to be a better fit for Peirce’s current needs.

As such, the time has come to say farewell to 1420 Pine Street, but the memories will not be forgotten. The sale of the building has recently been completed and, while we know that this transition may be hard, particularly for those who have worked, studied, socialized, and lived at Peirce in that location, we look forward to what our future brings.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends to share their memories of 1420 Pine Street. We plan to collect these stories to add to our rich archive of photos and artifacts that tell the story of our revered past and help us preserve the legacy of our College.

We look forward to hearing your memories as we move forward together.

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