The 1865 Law Journal Editor And Paralegal Studies Student: Meet Jeffrey Doms

The 1865 Law Journal Editor And Paralegal Studies Student: Meet Jeffrey Doms

The 1865: Peirce College Law Journal is a student-run, double-blind, peer-reviewed law journal, providing a forum for original articles written by attorneys, paralegals, legal professionals, legal scholars, professors, and law enforcement. Its goal is to address issues, trends, and compelling topics in the legal field as well as specific topics in the paralegal profession.

The 1865 is managed by Peirce College’s distinguished Legal Studies students, and overseen by practicing attorneys and working paralegals from the region. The editors have now been selected for this year’s law journal and we will be introducing them to you, right here on the Peirce College Blog.

Our first featured editor is Jeffrey Doms. Jeffrey is a current student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program. Check out our interview below to learn more about Jeffrey.

Where are you from? I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and recently moved to Cinnaminson, NJ.

What is your educational background? I attended Catholic high school in Philadelphia. After leaving college prematurely due to injuries suffered in an automobile accident, I recently enrolled at Peirce to finish my bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.

What degree are you currently pursuing, and what are your plans after obtaining your degree? Initially, I had planned to work as a paralegal after obtaining my degree, but I am also considering furthering my education. Now I am focused on obtaining my bachelor’s degree.

What was the best part of your educational journey? Returning to school after such a long hiatus has allowed me to look at education from a different perspective. I think as I’ve grown older, I value the opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn new things more than I did when I was younger. After constantly telling myself I needed to go back to school, finally reenrolling back in college is probably the best part of my educational journey so far.

What do you enjoy about the legal profession? I enjoy the research aspect of the legal profession. I find it interesting and challenging to apply relevant law to present day scenarios, and I enjoy that the profession is intellectually demanding.

What is your best skill related to the law? My best skill related to law is the ability to communicate effectively through my writing.

What are your hobbies and interests? Spending time with my fiancée and my dog. Also, I am a huge Philly sports fan and I enjoy reading, exercising, and going to the beach in the summer.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and hard work on the law journal, Jeffrey!

Don’t forget to check the blog as we continue the series to learn more about The 1865 student editors. For more information and how to submit articles, please visit

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