The 1865 Law Journal Editor, 2024 Paralegal Studies Graduate And Recipient of the Margaret Obozian Excellence in Writing Award: Meet Elizabeth Vinciquerra

The 1865 Law Journal Editor, 2024 Paralegal Studies Graduate And Recipient of the Margaret Obozian Excellence in Writing Award: Meet Elizabeth Vinciquerra

As part of our latest series, introducing the student-editors of The 1865: the Peirce College Law Journal, today’s feature is Elizabeth Vinciquerra, 2024 graduate in Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program and recipient of the Margaret Obozian Excellence in Writing Award. Check out our interview below to learn more about Elizabeth.

Where are you from? I am from Syracuse, NY.

What is your educational background? I graduated from Bishop Grimes High School in 2013 and from there, went to Onondaga Community College (OCC). I received an AA degree in criminal justice from OCC in 2015.

What degree are you currently pursuing, and what are your plans after obtaining your degree? Ideally, after graduating from Pierce I would like to find a job as a paralegal in a criminal law office. However, I am open to working in other areas of law. I have tinkered with the idea of going to law school but I would prefer to work in the field for a few years as a paralegal before I jump into that.

What was the best part of your educational journey? It is hard for me to specifically point out the single best part of my educational journey. I will say, when I was going to OCC, I was not sure of the career path I wanted to venture upon. I ended up taking an intro to criminal justice class, and the professor I had made the class come to life, and it sparked an interest in me. She made the material exciting and inspired me to do well in school.

What do you enjoy about the legal profession? I enjoy the challenges that the legal profession poses. I think that law is very difficult, and it is something that people really must work at but, I find it incredibly rewarding. I know that during my time at Peirce one of the hardest law classes I have taken was corporate law. I read some chapters over and over just to understand basic concepts. It was really a challenge for me to grasp the material. I worked hard and received an A in the class. I find that grade specifically to be the most rewarding for me because, even though it was incredibly difficult, and it tried me more so than other classes, the grade made it all worth it. So, I firmly believe hard work pays off and that is a wonderful feeling.

What is your best skill related to the law? My best skills related to law are attention to detail as well as time management. I always read the memos I write over and over to see how they can be improved, and to make sure they are free of grammatical errors, and that everything is cohesive. I also feel comfortable multitasking which I feel helps me manage my time more efficiently.

What are your hobbies and interests? In my spare time, I love to cook and bake. I find it to be incredibly relaxing. I am also a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, so usually on Sundays my family and I can be found watching the games together.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and hard work on the law journal, Elizabeth!

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