Women in Leadership Returns to Peirce as Live Event

Women in Leadership Returns to Peirce as Live Event

For the first time since the pandemic, Peirce College hosted Women in Leadership as a live event on campus for alumni, students and guests on March 17.

The theme of the event, Sorry, Not Sorry, focused on success stories and advance on taking risks and being bold and ambitious despite facing barriers and opposition. The distinguished panel featured Peirce alums Trina Jones ’07, executive director of Global Academies; Jacqueline Jarvis ’09, vice president of Alta Language Services, Inc.; and Wanda Amaro ’16, vice president of Human Resources at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children; as well as Vicki Sack, co-founder of Juno Search Partners and Juno Capital.

One common theme during the panel discussion, which was moderated by Amanda Hill ’18, AVP of External Relations and Marketing at Peirce, was overcoming the urge to question if you are qualified for professional advancement.

“Don’t wait to be invited to the head of the table,” Amaro told attendees. “That chair is as much yours as anyone else in the room. You’ve done the work, You’re already here. Just take your seat.”

Jarvis recalled the moment a recruiter called with an offer to serve as a vice president, which she felt she was not quite ready for. She told the crowd that it is common for people to question whether they are ready for a promotion, but it is important to have faith in yourself.

“Throughout my career, I started over again in different industries, so why wouldn’t I be successful?” said Jarvis. “I have the credentials – thanks to Peirce – and I had the support of my family and friends and co-workers who said, ‘you can do it.’ And it all worked out.”

View the entire panel discussion.

To learn more about our upcoming events, please visit our events calendar at peirce.edu/events.

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