Journey To Commencement: Renee Jett

Journey To Commencement: Renee Jett

Commencement is right around the corner! We are thrilled to highlight some of our upcoming graduates and share their stories, in their own words, with our Journey to Commencement series.

“Today’s feature is Renee Jett, a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management program and recipient of the Alumni Association’s Raymond L. Palzer ‘52 Academic Leadership Award. Renee will also introduce our 2024 Commencement Keynote Speaker, Chellie Cameron, on June 7th.

When I first started at Peirce College, I was nervous because I didn’t know how well I would do. I had a fear of failing and that almost kept me away, but I was determined that, once I started, I would not look back. I was at a point in my life that I needed to find something to keep my focus on succeeding, so I began to reflect on scriptures. The first scripture that came to mind was Philippians 4:13, “I Can Do ALL Things, Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”. This scripture has kept me grounded and focused throughout my journey.

Having the support and encouragement from some of my professors, such as Professor Brodgen, Professor McCrae, Dr. Glenn, and Dr. Begley, also kept me focused and motivated. While finishing my degree wasn’t easy, it was definitely worth it. If there are any adults that are looking to return to college or even start for the first time, don’t second guess yourself – just know that you can do it if you really want it. I’m glad that I did. I’m proud to be part of the Class of 2024.”

– Renee Jett

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