Journey To Commencement: Heather McCarron

Journey To Commencement: Heather McCarron

It’s Commencement Week! We are thrilled to highlight some of our upcoming graduates and share their stories, in their own words, with our Journey to Commencement series.

Today’s feature comes from Heather McCarron, a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Certificate of Proficiency in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) program. Heather also received the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Student Leadership Award.

“I began my educational journey in February 2021, after pondering the idea of going to college since I graduated high school in 2005. I never thought college was something I could complete. I thought of myself as not being a strong student and struggled through my elementary and high school years. Having a family consisting of a husband and three children made my dream of completing college more out of reach.

However, when my oldest daughter expressed that she did not need to attend college when age appropriate because neither of her parents had a college education, that gave me the drive I needed to seek higher education.

My current job in human resources was another driving factor, as I had reached the highest point I could with only a high school education, even though I had more knowledge of policies and procedures than those with college degrees.

When I contacted Peirce, it was to pursue a certification in human resource management as a starting point so I could feel out if college was right for me. I was grateful to be given an amazing student advisor, Danielle Frank, who suggested that I start with an associate degree in business administration so I would have a degree to show for my hard work. I am grateful that I listened to Danielle’s suggestion as it gave me the drive I needed to go on to complete my bachelor’s degree in business administration while also graduating with a certificate in DEIB.

In December 2023, I completed my degree, and I was offered a promotion from HR Specialist to HR Manager. Shortly after receiving that promotion, I was contacted by my previous department and offered an Assistant HR Director position. I proudly accepted the Assistant HR Director position and began that journey on January 22, 2024.

Without the guidance of Danielle Frank and the many amazing professors I have met along my educational journey, I would not be where I am today professionally. I hope one day to continue my studies at Peirce, but for now, I will begin to tackle the student loan debt I accrued. I am a proud Peirce College alumnus and feel honored to walk across the stage with my three girls watching.”

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