Prepare to be a Nonprofit Leader

The Nonprofit Leadership concentration offered under the MS in Organizational Leadership and Management prepares students with the foundational skills needed to advance to leadership roles at nonprofit organizations in the public and private sectors.  The program focuses on governance, philanthropy, operations, finance and labor relations in the nonprofit sector.



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Free Books:  New students who apply for Session 5 can get free books for their first course. 


What You Can Expect 

    • Accelerated classes - offered completely online
    • Weekly, optional, live online sessions with your professors
    • The opportunity to earn for first 3 credits for free
    • The opportunity to earn credit for what you have learned in your career
    • Gain expertise that can be applied directly to your career on day one
    • Ability to finish your master’s in two years on a part-time basis
    • Flexible formats that work around your busy schedule 

    Upcoming Start Dates 

    We are ready when you are ready! 
    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

    Upcoming Session Starts

    • Session 6: Week of July 1, 2024
    • Session 1: Week of August 26, 2024
    • Session 2: Week of October 21, 2024
    • Session 3: Week of January 13, 2025
    • Session 4: Week of March 17, 2025
    • Session 5: Week of May 12, 2025

    MSOLM - Nonprofit Leadership Curriculum

    Minimum Total Credits: 36

    RequirementPrerequisiteMin. Credits
    OLM 501Foundations of Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice 3
    OLM 503Applied Research MethodsOLM 501 must be completed or concurrently enrolled.3
    OLM 521Ethical Decision Making OLM 5013
    OLM 531Leading Culturally and Generationally Diverse Populations
    ONL 520Development and Philanthropy 6
    ONL 540Nonprofit Finance and Operations 6
    ONL 560Nonprofit Governance and Leadership 6
    ONL 590Practicum and Capstone in Nonprofit LeadershipONL 520, ONL 540, and ONL 5606


    Emergency Student Aid

    Emergency Student Aid grants are available for Peirce students. Grants can be used to pay off balances, cover tuition, buy books, and for all costs of attendance, including food, rent, childcare, and transportation. Learn more.

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