ACBSP-Accredited Business Degrees

ACBSP's accreditation standards are based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process, the widely-acknowledged business “gold standard” that requires regular reporting on the results of continuous improvement plans. Peirce College's Business Administration program has been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) since 1999. Peirce’s Accounting program was one of the first to receive the separate Specialized Accounting Accreditation by ACBSP in 2012.

ACBSP accreditation does not pertain to the Human Resource Management or the Organizational Leadership & Management programs.
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CHEA Student Achievement
ACBSP Reports

ACBSP reaffirmed its accreditation of Peirce College’s Business Administration and Accounting programs following a comprehensive self-study in 2012 and biannual Quality Assurance (QA) reports submitted in 2016 and 2018. Areas of assessment include student and stakeholder satisfaction, measurement of student learning and organizational performance.

2018 Accounting QA Standards 4 & 6
2018 Business Administration QA Standards 4 & 6

2016 Accounting QA Report
2016 Business Administration QA Report

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Peirce College utilizes Peregrine Academic Services, a nationally normed, summative assessment for Business Administration academic programs that are used for internal and external programmatic evaluation. The assessment service is specifically designed to address ACBSP accreditation requirements related to learning outcomes assessment, quality assurance and external academic benchmarking. Peirce student scores typically mirror those of their counterpoints enrolled in other ACBSP-accredited programs. Results are used to monitor trends and identify areas of curricular review. Follow the links below to read more about the Peregrine results for Peirce College students.

Comparative Measurement of Achievement 2018-2022
Peirce Accounting Peregrine Results (B.S.)
Peirce Business Administration Peregrine Results (A.S.)
Peirce Business Administration Peregrine Results (B.S.)

Degree Completion and Persistence

Peirce College has targeted and successfully supported the non-traditional student for over 150 years.  Seventy-eight percent of Peirce undergraduates are age 25 or over. Most come to Peirce as transfer students and attend part-time. Many are from working-class backgrounds for whom a college education was not feasible immediately after high school. Enrollment and graduation data, as well as general information on Peirce College can be located at the College Navigator and at the College’s Consumer Information and Compliance webpage.

The following reports show recent trends in Peirce College business student persistence: time to degree completion and a 90 percent persistence rate from the associate to the bachelor’s degree.

Time to Degree Completion
Associate to Bachelor’s Degree Persistence

Graduate Employment
Peirce utilizes the NACE First-Destination Survey to capture information on the careers of recent graduates.

2020-21 Peirce Graduate Survey Report
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