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The Associate in Science in Leadership Development degree program was designed with Philadelphia's leading employers to prepare busy adults to be customer experience leaders.  The program provides a foundation of leadership principles that can be applied immediately in the workplace. Graduates will earn two certificates of proficiency in addition to the degree.

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What You Can Expect 

  • Apply up to 30 transfer credits
  • Embed an employer-recognized certification into your program
  • 100% online program
  • Weekly, optional, live, virtual sessions with your professors
  • Credit awarded for select professional certifications 
  • Program fit seamlessly into the BS in Organizational Leadership and Management and BA in Liberal Studies 

What You Will Learn

  • Key elements of successful customer service
  • The ability to work and communicate effectively with others
  • Understanding the importance of your role in the success of an organization
  • How to manage interpersonal relationships thoughtfully and productively
  • The ability to work effectively with others by leading, negotiating, and collaborating as a team
  • How to facilitate and assess effective process and change management
  • How to use appropriate strategies and solutions for dealing with unexpected conflicts and differences to maintain a productive workflow
  • A basic understanding of budget creation and management
  • How to use logical thought processes to analyze and draw conclusions
  • The ability to apply theory and practice of leadership principles in identifying organizational problems and opportunities and communicate recommendations


Program at a Glance:




100% online

Transfer Credits:

Up to 30 transfer credits can be applied to this degree


$600 per credit

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*Tuition is based on current Peirce College tuition and does not include fees or books.

Emergency Student Aid

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Leadership Development Degree Curriculum

Associate in Science Degree Curriculum - Minimum Total Credits: 61

PRC 100 or 101Peirce College 1011
BIS 111Application Software Fundamentals3
COM 112Speech Communication3
COM 202Intercultural Communication3
ENG 101English Composition3
ENG 103Rhetoric and Research3
HUM 102Introduction to Ethics3
MAT 101Introduction to College Mathematics3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology3
SCI Science Core (choose 1)3
BUS 100Introduction to Business3
MGT 114Essentials of Customer Service3
MGT 119Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace3
MGT 126Organizations and People3
MGT 130Introduction to Supervision and Management3
MGT 132Process Management3
MGT 210Applied Management Concepts3
ELEElective Courses (choose 4)12

How does it work?

First, apply any previously earned transfer credits you have, or, if you’re a working adult, speak with your enrollment specialist about credit for prior knowledge. You will start by enrolling in the Certificate of Proficiency in Client Service. Once you complete the first certificate, you are ready for the Certificate of Proficiency in Quality Service Management. After you complete both certificates, you will need only 30 more credits to earn the AS in Leadership Development degree.

The entire associate degree applies directly to Peirce’s Organizational Leadership bachelor’s degree program, so you can continue building on your success. And, with Peirce, you get flexible courses that fit your busy schedule. This leadership degree is available 100% online

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For more information about potential customer service and leadership careers for Peirce graduates, visit our Business Careers page.

Customer-facing Careers 

Our Leadership Development program prepares you to become a vital contributor to your company as an account representative, sales representative, call center manager and other customer-facing roles. Graduates will be prepared to continue their education at the bachelor’s degree level.

This entire associate degree applies directly to Peirce's Organizational Leadership & Management bachelor's degree program, so you can continue building on your success.

Most companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience they provide to customers. In most industries, an organization’s ability to deliver the best service can set it above the competition.

Peirce’s Leadership Development program will help you build strong customer experience and leadership skills and provide you with three credentials for your resume that demonstrate your preparedness for a variety of customer-facing positions.

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“Strong customer service and leadership skills are needed everywhere. Today’s employers are seeking individuals who not only have industry-focused knowledge, but transferrable customer service skills. A degree in Leadership Development can help you find the career you’re looking for.”

Cathy Littlefield, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management

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