Prepare for AWS Cloud Certification and a Career in Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is the online delivery and management of IT services, including servers, networks, databases and software. Cloud computing is one of the main forces shaping the face of IT today because it helps businesses lower IT costs and scale services more efficiently.

Job Forecast for Cloud Computing
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cloud computing is one of the three top drivers of the increased demand for IT jobs, which are forecasted to grow by 11% through 2029.

Alignment with AWS
Peirce College’s Certificate of Proficiency in Cloud Computing utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) content to prepare students with the relevant skills required for careers in cloud computing, including those interested in starting an IT career and IT professionals who want to expand their skills.

Peirce College is a participating institution of the AWS Academy, and curriculum of the Cloud Computing certificate is designed to help students develop technical expertise in cloud computing and help them prepare for AWS Certification.  Students develop practical, hands-on expertise interacting with AWS resources in labs that provide an applied experience and .a solid foundation for deploying, managing and maintaining the cloud-based systems that are transforming how organizations provide IT services.

What You Can Expect
As a Cloud Computing certificate student, you receive the benefits of AWS Academy, including free practice exams for AWS certifications, a 50% discount on AWS certification exams and invitations to AWS professional development events, including career recruitment events.

Other benefits of the Cloud Computing certificate at Peirce include:

  • It is offered entirely online
  • You have the option to meet each week with your professors in a live, virtual setting
  • Instructors hold AWS Cloud Practitioner certification 
  • You can embed a AWS Cloud certification into your certificate
  • The certificate fits seamlessly into the AS in Information Technology and BS in Information Technology and other undergraduate degree programs at Peirce

    Program at a Glance:




    100% online & stackable

    Transfer Credits:

    Apply up to 9 transfer credits to this certificate

    Time to Complete:

    6-9 months; transfer credits can reduce completion time


    $11,400; transfer credits can reduce tuition cost
    ($600 per credit x 19 credits)

    See if you qualify for a corporate discount.

    *Tuition is based on 2021-2022 tuition and does not include fees or books.

    Curriculum for Certificate in Cloud Computing 

    Certificate of Proficiency in Cloud Computing – Minimum Total Credits: 19

    PRCPRC 100 or PRC 101*1
    ITN 130Networking Fundamentals 3
    ITN 144 Introduction to Network Security3
    ITN 201Cloud Computing Foundations3
    ITN 301Linux Administration, Networking and Security3
    ITN 411Cloud Operations3
    BIS 235Database Management Systems 3

    *Students who place into developmental education courses and/or who have completed fewer than 15 credits are required to enroll in the Student Success Seminar, PRC 100.

    To enroll in this certificate program, students must be eligible for placement in college-level English. In addition, students are encouraged to complete ENG 101 and ENG 103 to support their learning experience. Students without foundational knowledge or experience in information technology may benefit from taking additional IT courses.


    Graduates of the Certificate in Cloud Computing will be able to:

    1. Delineate the key concepts, characteristics, benefits, and challenges of cloud computing
    2. Identify appropriate cloud services and operational practices based on an organization’s requirements
    3. Deploy, manage, and operate secure, scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant cloud-based systems

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