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IT Support Certificate: A Pathway to IT Employment 

Information Technology (IT) Support is the discipline of assisting individuals and organizations with computers, mobile devices and the networks and other devices that support technology. IT Support can also include the setup, installation, and configuration of equipment, and optimizing network performance. 

The Ideal Entry-Level Certificate 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies the Computer Support Specialist as the only occupation with an entry-level education requirement less than a bachelor’s degree.
Peirce College’s stackable Certificate of Proficiency in IT Support prepares students, including those with no prior IT experience, to enter the IT field as a Computer Support Specialist. Students can also embed key IT certifications, including CompTIA ITF+ and A+, into the certificate.  

Job Forecast for IT Support 

According to the PA Department of Labor and Industry High-Priority Occupation list, the need for Computer User Support Specialists in Philadelphia is expected to grow by 9% through 2030, and the average salary is more than $64,000.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Computer User Support Specialists nationally is also expected to grow by 9% through 2030, and the median salary is $55,000.

IT Support positions enable many career changers with little or no IT experience gain the expertise they need to grow their technology career in fields such as network administration, cloud computing and cybersecurity. 

What You Can Expect

  • You can select the IT User Support or IT Network Support tracks
  • The certificate is offered entirely online and can be completed in as little as 6-9 months
  • You have the option to meet each week with your professors in a live, virtual setting
  • You will be prepared to earn employer-recognized professional certifications, including CompTIA’s ITF+ and A+ 
  • Credits earned in the certificate apply directly to the AS in Information Technology and BS in Information Technology and other undergraduate degree programs at Peirce

    Program at a Glance:




    100% online & stackable

    Transfer Credits:

    Apply up to 6 transfer credits to this certificate

    Time to Complete:

    6-9 months; transfer credits can reduce completion time

    Estimated Tuition for Certificate:

    $9,600; transfer credits can reduce tuition cost
    ($600 per credit x 16 credits)

    See if you are eligible for a corporate discount

    *Tuition is based on 2021-2022 tuition and does not include fees or books.

    Curriculum for Certificate in IT Support 

    Certificate of Proficiency in IT Support – Minimum Total Credits: 16

    PRC**PRC 100 or PRC 101**1
    ENG 101English Composition3
    BIS 111Application Software Fundamentals 3
    ITN 120PC Fundamentals3
    ITN 130Network Fundamentals 3
    ITN 220*
    ITN 144*

    Helpdesk & Customer Service Concepts*

    Introduction to Network Security*


    *Students who select ITN 220 complete the IT User Support track; students who complete ITN 144 complete the IT Network Support track. Students in either track will be prepared to earn CompTIA ITF+ and A+ certification. 

    **Students who place into developmental education courses and/or who have completed fewer than 15 credits are required to enroll in the Student Success Seminar, PRC 100.

    To enroll in this certificate program, students must be eligible for placement in college-level English. In addition, students are encouraged to complete ENG 103 to support their learning experience.


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