Earn Credit

Earn Credit for What You Already Know

Prior learning assessment at Peirce College can turn the knowledge you acquired throughout your life into credit.

At Peirce College, you can earn credit for college-level skills, competencies and expertise gained through years of work, professional training, military training and other experiences. This will help you save time and money when finishing your bachelor’s degree.

Saving Money via Prior Learning Assessment

Costs are estimated and based on current Peirce College tuition and the CLEP® website for equivalent 3-credit requirements.

Saving Money with Peirce
Earn Credit

Prior Learning Assessment 101

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a group of credit earning methods that allow students to earn credit for college-level knowledge that they have acquired through work and life experiences.

For many adults, prior learning assessment validates the training they have completed and the expertise they have developed in their careers.

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